vallee draa

Ouzoud waterfalls from about 328 feet, 3 hours drive from Marrakesh. The cascades are the highest waterfalls in the country and one of the most amazingly beautiful one. During our drive to Ouzoud waterfalls we will come across Green valleys, gorges of the El Abid River and also the orchards. There is also numerous olive trees nearby on the both sides of the road. In the peak of the Ouzoud waterfalls, there are few ancient small mills. These mills are still operating up to now. Pretty monkeys can be seen during the twilight during your visit to Ouzoud waterfalls. Various local and national associations are leading responsible projects to preserve this popular site from getting destroyed by mankind. You will enjoy an amazing walk with a local guide throughout the cascades enjoy the pretty views up and down. After we finish our walk we go for lunch in a local restaurant overlooking the waterfalls. Return to Marrakech in the afternoon.